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This ‘clock, calculator, bulb’ riddle’s answer is not as easy as you first think

clock calculator bulb riddle
The clock calculator bulb riddle. Pic credit: MindYourLogic Riddles/YouTube

With the COVID-19 quarantine and many people still not able to get back into the real world yet, people are looking for things online to keep their minds sharp.

Riddles are perfect for this.

There have been a ton of riddles that have hit social media and they either thrill people as they try to solve the riddles or it frustrates them to no end when they can’t figure out the answers.

One of these is the “clock, calculator, bulb” riddle, but if it has you stumped — or you are arguing about the answer with friends, we have the current answer for you.

The clock, calculator, bulb riddle

The “clock, calculator, bulb” riddle is one that uses pictures instead of words to try to lure a person into a tricky riddle.

Here is a look at the photo riddle that has started trending online again.

clock calculator bulb riddle
The clock calculator bulb riddle. Pic credit: MindYourLogic Riddles/YouTube

So, the first thing people see are three items in each row and the numerical total that they represent.

So, the three clocks equal 21.

The three calculators equal 30.

The three light bulbs equal 15.

Then, it is time to solve the “clock calculator bulb” riddle. How much do the clock, calculator, and light bulbs equal?

Someone who just looks quickly might thing the clocks are seven each, the calculators are 10 each and the bulbs are five each and the answer, therefore, is 22.

That is incorrect.

There are others who see there are three lightbulbs there, so that must be 15 and that makes the answer 32.

That is also incorrect.

The “clock calculator bulb” riddle answer

The answer to this riddle is actually 30.

Here is how to figure out the answer.

Look at the picture again. The first photo has three clocks. Two are set at 9:00 and the third is 3:00. 9+9+3=21.

The calculators have the same numbers — “1234.” Those added together are 10 and that means 10×3=30.

Finally, the lightbulbs have five lines above them to display light and 5×3=15.

That is where the original answers came from.

Now, look at the last photo. It is 9:00 on the clock. The calculated changed the numbers to “1224” and that adds up to 9. Finally, the three lightbulbs only have four lines above them so the answer for those three changes to 12.

Therefore, the last problem is 9+9+12=30.

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  1. Your answer’s actually wrong… You’ve added the numbers while you have to multiply the last term. So according to the DMAS rule, the answer is 117.

  2. The last set of bulbs is three bulbs. It’s not 12 it’s 36. Also you multiple the bulbs and calculator. So it’s 9 + 9 x 36 = 333. 9 x 36 is 324 + 9.

  3. The last line is clock + calculator x lightbulb. How does that turn into clock + calculator + lightbulb?

    The math on the final line should read 9 + 9 x 36. Doing the math in the proper order would require you to multiply 36 x 9 and then add the final 9.

    The final answer is 333.

  4. The one with only light bulbs has a minus in the equation. Each light bulb there is equal to 15 if you make the deduction that each tick on each bulb represents the number 3.


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