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This ‘Captain Ali’ riddle is going viral: Can you figure out the name of the ship?

A ship sailing
The ‘Captain Ali is the captain of the ship’ riddle has gone viral on social media. Pic credit: Smithsonian Channel/YouTube

The “Captain Ali is the captain of the ship” riddle is going viral again on social media at a time that people are staying at home to observe social distancing rules during the coronavirus lockdown.

People self-isolating at home are trying to fight boredom and stay healthy through physical and mental exercises.

While couch potatoes have taken to Netflix and other streaming platforms to keep themselves occupied, physical fitness enthusiasts have found creative ways to stay fit through indoor workout routines.

However, many are also concerned about their mental health. These people have turned to puzzles and riddles as a way of exercising their brains.

Social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter, are useful resources for people seeking to exercise their minds and brains.

Several puzzles and riddles surfaced on social media lately. While some of the riddles are new, social media users have also shared some old ones.

“Captain Ali is the captain of the ship” riddle

The “Captain Ali is the captain of the ship” riddle is an old one that resurfaced on social media after making the rounds on several platforms in the past.

People have worked to solve the riddle that has left many stumped.

If you’d like to have a go, here it is:

“Captain Ali is the captain of the ship. The captain of the ship is Captain Ali. What is the name of the ship. Guess the name of the ship.”

Can you solve the riddle?

We have the answer to the riddle below, but before looking at it, read the riddle carefully and take some time to think about it.

(Clue: The riddle answers its question, so pay attention to the wording and punctuation.)

Do you get it? If you still can’t,  here is the answer.

What is the name of Captain Ali’s ship?

Read the riddle again for the answer. Take note that the third statement in the riddle that reads “What is the name of the ship,” does not end with a question mark.

Although the statement does not end with a question mark, many read it as if it’s a question. However, the statement was not asking a question, it was simply saying that “What” is the name of the ship.

Only the final statement in the riddle, “Guess the ship’s name,” challenges you to supply an answer to the riddle.

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