The ‘Sam and Sarah saw seven sharks’ riddle’s answer explained

A school of sharks
Are you clever enough to solve the Sam and Sarah saw seven sharks riddle? It’s trickier than you think. Pic credit: @jakobowens1/ Unsplash

The “Sam and Sarah saw seven sharks” riddle has made the rounds on social media for quite some time now, causing lots of frustration and arguments, along with soaring blood pressures.

Riddles and online challenges and quizzes are back in a big way. The sky-high popularity of these puzzles has spread across the internet faster than the coronavirus pandemic spread across the globe.

As billions of bored people sheltered away from COVID-19, many of us have passed the time with an array of agonizingly frustrating and fun puzzles.

And one of them still doing the rounds is the “Sam and Sarah saw seven sharks” riddle.

Here is the explanation to the riddle once and for all.

So what is the ‘Sam and Sarah saw seven sharks’ riddle?

The wording for this riddle goes:

Sarah and Sam saw seven sharks. How many ‘S’ are in the sentence?

Read it very carefully and remember that riddles are purposely worded in a diabolical manner. The solution is trickier than you think, but the answer is below, so you can check your answer.

What is the answer to Sam and Sarah saw seven sharks riddle?

The answer is 1.

Many folks wrongly counted up all the S’s in the first sentence and came up with 6, or 7 if they counted the whole riddle.

Some folks thought the answer might be 2. They were thinking that the riddle was only asking for the upper case “S,” therefore, only the capital letters of Sam and Sarah would count.

Wrong, unfortunately.

So many riddles operate a strategy of misdirection, and this is precisely the case with this one. You have to completely ignore the first sentence and focus on the very last word in the brain teaser.

It is asking to count how many ‘S’s are in the word ‘sentence,’ therefore the answer is 1.

Hopefully, no one is kicking themselves too hard.

Other confusing internet riddles

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2 years ago

The correct answer is two. “How many (1)S are in the (2)Sentence” It didnt ask how many S are in the word.

8 months ago
Reply to  john

True, it didn’t say the WORD “sentence”, but asserting “two” is the correct answer isn’t necessarily right either since there were two sentences and it didn’t specify which. Logicwise, this is a riddle with no sound answer based on how it’s written, and can therefore be whatever the person asking it says it is.