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State without an E? Here’s the answer to that viral riddle

State without an E? Here's the answer to that viral riddle
The answer to State without an E riddle. Pic credit: @Ken Lund/Flickr

There are several riddles going around the internet right now and have people going nuts trying to figure them out — or arguing about how they are right and everyone else is wrong with the answer.

There is an older one that started trending again as people quarantined due to COVID-19 try to find things to keep their minds sharp right now.

It is the State without an “E” riddle.

What is the state without an “E” riddle?

There are two versions of this riddle and both have similar answers.

There isn’t even a setup. The two riddles are:

“State without an A”


“State without an E”

State without an E
The State without an E riddle. Pic credit: @DebraPasquella/Twitter

This has led to many people scouring their brains, and most finding several different answers. For those people, this riddle makes no sense.

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, and Colorado do not have an E in their names. As a matter of fact, there are 30 total states without an E in their name.

The letter A is more prevalent, as there are 14 states missing the letter A in their names, including Missouri, Mississippi, and New York.

If you take both letters, there are even six states that don’t have an A or an E — Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

None of those are the answer to this riddle.

Answer to state without an “E” riddle

This is another middle that just uses wordplay and the two riddles have different answers that are based on the same idea.

“State without an A” = STTE


“State without an E” = STAT

The riddle never asks a person to name a state that does not have an A or an E in it. Even if it did, what county would the states be from for the person answering the riddle?

It’s no wonder this riddle on social media has people so frustrated.

The “Pregnant woman goes to the fridge” also appears to have a lot of people frustrated as they try to work out which item she ate first. The good news is that we have the answer right here.

There is also the puzzling “Sam and Sarah saw seven sharks” riddle that has people arguing even when they hear the answer. We have the official answer to that riddle here as well.

Remember, riddles are meant to be fun so don’t let them frustrate you too much and never let them cause arguments with perfect strangers about the answers.

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