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Poor Jennifer! Zoom bathroom video meeting blunder goes viral

Poor Jennifer during her bathroom
Poor Jennifer unintentionally streamed herself in the bathroom during a Zoom video call. Pic credit: @Piers Mummery/Facebook

Jennifer, a woman working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, became a social media viral sensation over the weekend for a very embarrassing reason.

Jennifer forgot that her laptop camera was streaming when she went to the bathroom to answer the call of nature during a Zoom conference call with her office colleagues.

The video documenting the awkward moment went viral on Twitter, with the hashtag #PoorJennifer trending on the social media platform.

Jennifer forgot her laptop camera was streaming

The video, uploaded to Facebook on Saturday, shows Jennifer carrying her laptop with her as she walks through her home during a Zoom video chat with office colleagues.

Jennifer’s cohorts watched in silent disbelief as she went to her bathroom during the middle of the video call, setting her laptop on a flat surface. Unaware that the laptop camera was filming her, she pulled down her pants and sat on the toilet to relieve herself.

She soon realized her mistake and quickly turned the laptop camera to the wall. But it was too late. The camera had captured her as she pulled down her pants and sat on the toilet while her office colleagues watched.

The awkward situation elicited nervous comments and laughter from her colleagues.

“What happened?” someone asked.

“Oh my god,” another member of the group gasped.

“I didn’t see anything,” a third person said.

Poor Jennifer trended on Twitter

The video went viral on several platforms.

On Facebook, the post with more than 10 million views was captioned, “Make sure you know how to use video conferencing if you’re working from home!!”

The video of the cringe-worthy moment was also widely shared on Twitter and received millions of views. The hashtag #PoorJennifer trended on the social media platform for several hours.

Twitter users slammed Jennifer’s colleague who uploaded the video

Some Twitter users began calling out the unknown member of Jennifer’s Zoom chat group who posted the video on social media. This led to many users expressing sympathy for Jennifer. Many of these tweeters said that she made a mistake and that the person should not have posted the video on social media.

The pitfalls of video conferencing during the coronavirus epidemic

Several social media users pointed out that Jennifer’s mistake highlighted the challenges of learning the rules and etiquette of video conferencing from home amid the coronavirus pandemic. Many organizations have been forced to shut down during the coronavirus pandemic and many people are now working from home for the first time.

Some, including celebrities, are also in self-isolation and quarantine after testing positive for coronavirus.

While those who have been working from home for years before the coronavirus epidemic might have adjusted, many are experiencing video conferencing from home for the first time as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The unique challenges of video conferencing from home explain why multiple videos have recently emerged showing people committing serious video conferencing faux pas.

Jennifer’s blunder was not the only one that went viral over the weekend. Another Twitter video that emerged showed a man in his underwear interrupting a woman’s video call.

A smile on her face, the woman frantically waved her hand to warn him that she was streaming. After that, the man was caught hilariously stumbling as he tried to get away from the camera.

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