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Jeffree Star subscriber count tops 10 million after rival beauty influencers’ numbers tumble

Jeffree Star holding a star-shaped mirror
Jeffree Star is celebrating 10 million YouTube subscribers

Earlier this month, four popular beauty influencers took aim at Jeffree Star with their middle fingers up. That resulted in their own racist drama being dug up and put on display as their subscriber counts plummeted.

On Saturday, Jeffree took to Twitter to let his fans know just how close he was to hitting 10 million YouTube subscribers. This is a huge feat, especially since Star is no stranger to drama and controversy much like his counterparts, who are currently watching their own subscriber counts go the opposite direction.

When the ticker hit 10 million, Jeffree Star was in tears, thanking viewers from a hotel room.

As many who follow beauty YouTubers know, with each huge milestone achieved with their subscriber count, they earn different awards and recognition from the streaming service. With 10 million subscribers, Jeffree Star will receive the “Diamond Creator Award.”

Some have asked if the Diamond Play Button, which is the award received at 10 million subscribers is an actual, real diamond. The answer to that is that it is not. Instead, the Diamond Play Button is said to be made of silver and crystal and is shaped like the YouTube play button.

In addition to all of the beauty YouTuber drama that always seems to find Jeffree Star, he just recently dropped a new video that sent shockwaves through his fandom. In a video titled Revealing My Last Dark Secrets, Jeffree decided to get very personal and reveal some true personal secrets to his viewers.

Based on the title, it’s safe to say many likely clicked, thinking they would be getting more information about the drama Star had with Manny MUA, Nikita Dragun, Laura Lee, and Gabriel Zamora. That’s absolutely not what was on the video at all.

Instead, he revealed a huge secret about his mother, who he has been estranged from for over a decade now. Jeffree Star admitted that the photos of himself and his “mom” are actually with his aunt, not his mom.

The story of Jeffree and his birth mother is heart-wrenching but there is a very happy ending so be sure to check out the video below.

Jeffree also spoke about his tattoos and what they’re really covering up. The millionaire makeup guru confessed to fans that he has many tattoos to cover up scars from years of self-harm.

It has been four years since Jeffree cut himself, which is a huge feat. He previously said that it had been a full decade but admitted on a recent video that the lie was eating at him.

By finally coming clean and making amends with his own mom, is Jeffree Star finally redeeming himself? Is that the reason why his subscriber count keeps climbing when others are losing support?

Jeffree Star’s redemption after years of drama, coupled with his pure honestly when it comes to makeup reviews has made the beauty guru one of the most respected opinions in makeup as well as one of the most watched beauty influencers on YouTube.

Congratulations on 10 million, Jeffree!

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