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Ikiru, adorable Instagram cat, is the ‘king of bleps’

Instagram feline celebrity, Ikiru
Ikiru is Instagram’s latest celebrity cat. Pic credit: ©neko.ikiru.san/Instagram

Ikiru is Instagram’s latest feline celebrity. The adorable cat has been winning the hearts of thousands of animal lovers across the Internet with his feline blep.

This is a reference to the cute way his tongue sticks out of his mouth.

Ikiru is considered the “king of bleps.” Instagram fans think he’s got the most adorable feline blep ever and can’t get enough of his cuteness.

Ikiru’s Instagram account is filled with photos of the adorably round-faced and wide-eyed cat posing for the cameras with an assortment of funny facial expressions.

Fans can’t resist the overload of blepping cuteness.

Ikiru is a funny, healthy, and energetic cat

Some fans have wondered why Ikiru appears to have a permanent blep and wanted to know whether it was due to a medical condition.

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