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Ikiru, adorable Instagram cat, is the ‘king of bleps’

Instagram feline celebrity, Ikiru
Ikiru is Instagram’s latest celebrity cat. Pic credit: ©neko.ikiru.san/Instagram

Ikiru is Instagram’s latest feline celebrity. The adorable cat has been winning the hearts of thousands of animal lovers across the Internet with his feline blep.

This is a reference to the cute way his tongue sticks out of his mouth.

Ikiru is considered the “king of bleps.” Instagram fans think he’s got the most adorable feline blep ever and can’t get enough of his cuteness.

Ikiru’s Instagram account is filled with photos of the adorably round-faced and wide-eyed cat posing for the cameras with an assortment of funny facial expressions.

Fans can’t resist the overload of blepping cuteness.

Ikiru is a funny, healthy, and energetic cat

Some fans have wondered why Ikiru appears to have a permanent blep and wanted to know whether it was due to a medical condition.

Rich and Emma, Ikiru’s owners, told Bored Panda that Ikiru doesn’t always have his tongue sticking out.

Their vet told them that the cat is healthy, and there his blep is not caused by any medical abnormality.

Rich and Emma said he’s an energetic cat and that he is in very good physical shape. They described him as a loving, affectionate, playful cat who is “grumpy in the best way.”

Monsters and Critics reported in December 2019 that the Instagram celebrity cat, Lil Bub, died at 8 years old, after battling with health issues that included a bone infection.

Lil Bub also suffered several genetic disorders, including a form of feline dwarfism and a bone condition called osteopetrosis.

Her tongue also stuck out permanently from her small and toothless jaws due to her dwarfism.

Ikiru’s owners fell in love with him at first sight

Rich and Emma, from Yorkshire in England, first saw Ikiru on a breeder’s website and knew immediately they wanted to have him.

The visited the breeder to see Ikiru and quickly fell in love with him. They decided to adopt him.

After Rich and Emma took Ikiru home, they set up an Instagram account where they posted photos of the cute kitty in various day-to-day domestic situations.

Thousands of Instagram users fell in love with the cat, and now his Instagram account has more than 34,000 followers.

Ikiru is growing a dedicated following on Instagram. Photos of the cat help to brighten the day for many cat lovers. Rich and Emma said they regularly get messages from Ikiru’s fans around the world.

Ikiru’s Instagram photos have inspired fan art, and many fans have shared their creative illustrations of the cat with the owners.

“We get messages from all around the world, saying his silly faces, cuteness, and personality brightens their day.”

“Ikiru” is derived from a Japanese word

Rich and Emma told Bored Panda that the cat’s name, Ikiru, is derived from a Japanese word that means “to live.”

They got the inspiration from the title of an Akira Kurosawa movie, they explained.

Kurosawa was an influential Japanese film director (1910-1998) and screenwriter, best known for Japanese movie classics such as Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, and Rashomon, which won the Golden Lion award at the Venice Film Festival in 1951.

Kurosawa co-wrote and directed a drama film in 1952, titled Ikiru (“to live”). The film is believed to have been partly inspired by Leo Tolstoy’s The Death of Ivan Ilyich.

It follows a government worker Kanji Watanabe (played by Takashi Shimura), who is confronted with questions about the purpose and meaning of life after he learns that he has only a short time to live due to a stomach cancer diagnosis.

Ikiru’s rising stardom on the Internet comes after Monsters and Critics reported that the beloved French bulldog, Beatrice, who played Stella on ABC’s Modern Family, has died.

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