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How many ducks are there in this picture? The answer to this viral challenge is tricky to figure out

A picture of ducks
Can you tell how many ducks are in the picture? Pic credit:

These days, the world’s citizens are doing what they can to stay amused while stuck in lockdown due to various social distancing regulations enforced around the globe.

Thankfully, a recent surge of challenges, riddles, puzzles, and online trends have jumped up across all social media platforms.

So far, users have had the chance to pick as many movie references as they could out of a cartoon pic of a garage via the 66 Movies in a picture challenge. They have also played spot the cat in a picture of a woman with a broom along with many more un challenges.

Now, those amused by these efforts have moved on to being asked to deduce the number of ducks in the latest internet viral challenge.

The How Many Ducks in a Picture Challenge has landed, and this is one of the trickiest challenges to date.

This photo, which appears on Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp, contains what, at first glance, seems to be an image of nine ducks. But look closely, and you’ll see many more mallards are hiding.

So how many ducks are there?

The grand total? Exactly 16 ducks are in the picture.

If you’re not blessed with perfect vision, then grab your magnifying glass and peer very closely. On the top row, there are five ducks, whereas there are six and five ducks in rows 2 and 3, respectively.

Some of the ducks are hidden directly behind the identical duck in front, whereas others have shrunk in size, making these a little trickier to spot.

If you’re still struggling, then the handy picture below points out the location of any elusive ducks.

Picture of ducks
Can you spot all sixteen ducks in this picture? Pic credit:

Many players pick the wrong number of ducks

Many online folks struggle to get consistent answers, with many discovering a different number of ducks each time they look.

A lot of people thought 15 ducks is the correct answer; many may have missed the really tiny one on the wing of the third duck on the middle row.

With this one solved, another challenge is around so online participants can attempt one of many riddles making the rounds. Follow the links to find the riddles, and if needed, the solutions.

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