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Florida man birthday challenge: Google ‘Florida Man’ and your birthday to see the craziest story to happen on the day you were born

Florida sign
The Florida man birthday challenge has everyone looking for the craziest stories that happened on their birthday. Pic credit: Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

Here’s a viral challenge that everyone can get in on and get a good laugh at. The “Florida man birthday challenge” has been sweeping social media lately and this time around, no one will get hurt (like with the Tide pod challenge or the Kylie Jenner lips challenge).

In order to participate in the Florida man birthday challenge, all you have to do is Google “Florida man” and your own birthday, then post the craziest headline that happened on your special day.

It’s no secret that some of the craziest news stories come out of Florida and this has been a really fun and funny way to poke a little bit at the shocking headlines that come from the Sunshine State.

Florida man headlines have been shared in forums for years as some of them are not only shocking but also pretty unbelievable. Others are just downright hilarious like the following:

The results have been mixed and while some of the Florida man headlines have been a bit boring, for the most part, they do not disappoint.

In my case, the Florida man headline reads, “Parents of Florida man killed by punch say condolences ‘too late'” and that’s probably a mid-range headline because it’s just not that funny.

However, some are really great, like this Florida man, who probably didn’t know that a wet willy is a jailable offense:

So tell us, what is your Florida man birthday headline? Go Google “Florida man” and your birthday to see what you get.

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