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First Photo Challenge on Instagram: How the 2020 viral picture trend works

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The First Photo Challenge is one of many challenges to hit social media in the last month. Pic credit: Instagram

Many of us have seen an upsurge in online social media activity since the start of the global coronavirus pandemic.

We have been bombarded with delightfully funny memes, gifs, jokes, and challenges.

And the lastest fun challenge sweeping Instagram is the First Photo Challenge

The First Photo Challenge is quite simple really; you just need to find the first photo of yourself alongside your significant other — your spouse, partner, betrotheds, or whoever.

It encourages a good bout of romantic nostalgia as folks are encouraged to dig back through old photo albums to find the first time your blossoming relationship was captured on film or electronic camera.

Some folks are posting the pics to their permanent feed, while others just have them up temporarily on their Instagram story.

Tag your partners in the First Photo Challenge

Many are also tagging their partners in the photos and providing a year. Others are posting the first alongside a current one, which is just adorable.

Other users are nominating friends and family to take part in the challenge.

As the age demographic of Instagram is mostly 18 to 44, that means lots of the pics were taken in high school, college, or parties during their teen and young adult years.

Here are some of the cutest examples.

Singletons can take part in the First Photo Challenge too

Single just now? Don’t worry, you can still take part as many others have done so by posting a pic with your pet cat, or your best friend, or even a household object.

Yes, some humorous singletons are posting pics of themselves with their most prized possession, or sometimes an alcoholic drink, often in whacky places under the #FirstPhoto Challenge hashtag.

This trend comes hot on the heels of the Until Tomorrow Instagram challenge from the end of last month, which required us to post a weird, embarrassing, unusual, or cringy photo of yourself.

The idea being we only had to leave it up for 24-hours.

Another popular March Instagram challenges were the Flip The Switch challenge, which involved users videoing themselves suddenly swapping places, clothes, or actions with another person.

Fancy a different kind of challenge?

There’s been a recent revival in a challenge from 2015 called 66 Movies in One Picture, which involves identifying 66 movie references, or as many as you can, from a picture of several references.

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