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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp go down and Twitter thinks it’s hilarious

Social media meme
One of the memes being shared on Twitter in the wake of the Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp issues

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have had services go down — and it didn’t take long for Twitter to revel in the fact that it was there to save the day.

Facebook, which also owns both Instagram and WhatsApp, said it was working quickly to try and remedy the situation.

It meant that millions of people flocked to Twitter to try and find out out what was going on — to be met by smug Twitter users who were making the most of their favorite site NOT being down.

The messaging site was flooded with memes mocking “villagers” who use the “rural” social media services affected by the outage.

The issue meant some Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp users were unable to upload photos, files and videos — and it meant some photos were not appearing on the site, including those on links.

A Facebook spokesman told the BBC the company was “working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible”. The latest problems come after Facebook’s sites and apps suffered their worst ever outage in March, in an episode lasting more than 14 hours. They also faced issues in April.