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Can you see the cat hidden in this picture of a woman with a broom? Here’s how to find the answer

Picture of spot the cat challenge
Can you spot the cat in this picture that’s sweeping across social media? Pic credit: Reddit

As life in lockdown continues for many of us across the world, people are looking for more and more ingenious ways to keep themselves entertained and mentally stimulated.

The latest in a long line of internet crazes designed to get your brain cells working involves a picture, a woman, a broom, and a very elusive cat.

The picture is a cartoon of a woman standing in front of a wooden door and a brick wall. There are curtains in the background, and she’s holding a broom. There’s also a bucket at her feet.

It’s quite fiendishly tricky and has left many players stumped.

And somewhere in there, there’s a cat.

So, where’s the cat?

If you look very closely at the dead space between the woman’s head and the top of the broom handle, just under the curtains, you should just be able to make out an outline of our feline friend.

Its head appears to be resting on the woman’s shoulder.

Picture of the spot the cat challenge
Find the moggy just over the woman’s left shoulder. Pic credit: Reddit

One helpful Redditor writing on the site where it first appeared suggested: “Rotate the image 90° clockwise. You will see a rough outline of a cat on the yellow wall (negative space) in between the woman’s head and the broomstick she’s holding.”

The spot the cat craze had swept across Twitter and Instagram

Fans of the challenge have been sharing it around Twitter and other social media platforms.

Not everyone has been getting on board with the challenge, however.

Several internet challenges have sprung up in the last few weeks.

Yesterday, Monsters and Critics reported on the First Photo Challenge which encourages folks to upload the first photo they took with their current partner or significant other.

The cute challenge has folks digging through old photo albums, of both the digital and electronic kind, to find the first romantic pic of their blossoming relationship.

Another fun picture based challenge is the 66 Movies in a Picture challenge, which has been resurrected after first hitting the net in 2015.

It involves a cartoonish pic of a garage that contains 66 classic movie references; the aim is straightforward; just pick out as many as you can.

Other much more disturbing challenges have also appeared during the current pandemic.

Tik Tok influencer Ava Lousie started the horrible and stupid challenge of licking toilet seats, which led to her fellow Tik Tok influencer Larz being hospitalized with COVID-19 after performing a similarly foolish challenge.

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