Bre Payton cause of death: Conservative writer reportedly had H1N1 flu and possibly meningitis

Bre Payton cause of death
Bre Payton suddenly passed away at age 26 after an illness. Pic credit: Bre Payton/Instagram

Conservative writer Bre Payton, who was a staff writer for The Federalist and appeared on Fox News, died at age 26 after suddenly falling ill.

A friend of Payton’s, Morgan Murtaugh, stated that she found her unconscious on Thursday. She died in hospital and the cause of death has reportedly been linked to her suffering from H1N1 flu and possibly also meningitis.

The H1N1 virus is commonly known as swine flu. Payton died in a hospital on Friday.

Meghan McCain, the daughter of the late US Senator John McCain and a prominent political commentator, was among the many who paid tribute to Payton.

The Federalist publisher Ben Domenech shared a brief obituary to Bre.

“Bre brightened the lives of everyone around her. She was joyful, hard-working, and compassionate, and she leaves behind friends and colleagues for whom she brought nothing but sweetness and light,” The Federalist wrote in an obituary published shortly after her death.

Bre Payton was born in California and made several appearances on Fox News as a political commentator.

Payton shared her last Instagram photo with her boyfriend Ryan Colby on December 16. It is unclear when the 26-year-old got swine flu but she seems to have died suddenly after her diagnosis.

Payton graduated from Patrick Henry College with a degree in journalism.

Payton is survived by her parents George and Cindy Payton along with her four siblings.

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