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Batman Day: Bat-Signal shines in NYC, Rome, Berlin, and other cities around the world

bat signal shines in berlin for 2019 batman day
The Bat-Signal shines onto a building in Berlin for the annual Batman Day celebration. Pic credit: RT/YouTube 

On Saturday, the world celebrated the greatness of one of the all-time favorite superheroes with Batman Day. A number of cities around the globe all paid tribute to the Caped Crusader by shining his famed Bat-Signal in the sky, or on buildings for spectators to see. That included New York City as well as London, Berlin, and Rome.

The Bat-Signal shines in NYC

In the DC comics where Batman originated, he was the masked hero who boldly defended Gotham City from crime. When his help was needed, Commissioner Jim Gordon would shine the Bat-Signal up into the night’s sky to alert Batman. That symbol became popular within not only the comics and graphic novels but also in the various Batman movies that arrived over the years.

In his honor for Saturday’s annual Batman Day, they shined a Bat-Signal up in the sky onto a building in the Brooklyn borough of NYC. Reportedly, the superhero’s signal was beamed onto the Domino Sugar Refinery. A tweet below appears to show it in the distance in all of its glory.

Which other cities had the Bat-Signal?

While Gotham is technically the main stomping ground for Batman, Bruce Wayne has been known to travel. Other cities around the world sent out his distress signal for his special day. In Melbourne, Australia, the Bat-Signal was lighting up the sky at Fed Square. South Africa also joined in on the fun by shining the image onto the tallest building in Africa, the Leonardo Building in Johannesburg.

Elsewhere, the famous signal shined on the Potzdamer Platz 11 in Berlin and across the Senate House in London. Rome got in on the fun by projecting the Bat-Signal on Roma Termini. A video below shows off Berlin’s epic Batman appreciation with the shining distress signal.

This year marked the 80th anniversary for Batman. The Caped Crusader first appeared in Detective Comics No. 27 back in 1939 and the rest is history. He’s now spawned plenty of pop culture memorabilia in addition to numerous comic books, graphic novels, and other media.

A number of actors have portrayed him on television and in movies, including Adam West, Michael Keaton, Christian Bale, and Ben Affleck. In celebration of this year’s Batman Day, there was also a Batman-Fortnite crossover for video game fans to participate in.

So far, there’s no word if Batman has actually responded to any of those shining Bat-Signals, but he has more than a few to try to get to.

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