United Shades of America: What’s it really like to live off the grid?

This week CNN’s United Shades of America went off the grid – from a paranoid isolationist prepper to nice sweet potato beer makers who want to live a more pared-down sustainable life. Host W. Kamau Bell visited Asheville, North Carolina, and parts of Tennessee, to experience the 0ff-grid lifestyle, and discovered a hotbed of preppers, patriots


United Shades of America shines spotlight on police crisis, discussion

Did you know it is National Police Week? Perfect timing for CNN’s latest episode of United Shades of America, which took star W. Kamau Bell for a ride with the police force in Campden, New Jersey, where they are trying to introduce “community policing” in a bid to build trust with residents. Kamau’s perspective is,

United Shades of America Recap: Latinos discussion

CNN’s May 8th United Shades of America focuses on Mexicans, Chicanos and less on our east coast Spanish friends the Puerto Ricans, Cubans, and Argentinian-Americans. Hispanic culture is described by one interviewed Chicano musician as a “census word” … a giant catch-all term that is meant to cover all in the USA who speak Spanish.


United Shades of America preview and discussion: The new KKK

We warmly welcome back W. Kamau Bell to the smallscreen, as our host brings his open mind and curious nature to explore every damned thing going on and going wrong in the United States of America on this new CNN Original Series “United Shades of America” which premieres on Sunday, April 24, at 10 p.m.