Undercover Billionaire finale exclusive: Tense moment as Glenn has to fire Christine

Firing someone is never easy. Nor is being fired is considered a fun time. Tonight on the finale, the crystallized vision that is Underdog Barbecue created by Undercover Billionaire star Glenn Stearns with a team of handpicked Erie, Pennsylvania folks is about to become a real thing, minus one original employee who proved to be


Undercover Billionaire exclusive: Underdog BBQ mock ribfest test hits a few snags

On tonight’s Undercover Billionaire on Discovery, Glenn Stearns’ business venture with his go-to Erie, Pennsylvania dream team has hit a bump in the road. The mock-up rehearsal for the festival to introduce the brand to the city has a few missing parts. In our exclusive clip, we see the team assembled as Glenn methodically goes


Who is Glenn Stearns of Undercover Billionaire?

Discovery’s new series Undercover Billionaire features Glenn Stearns, a billionaire masquerading as a documentarian in need of work. He selected Erie, Pennsylvania to create a million-dollar empire in 90 days. The twist is that he hit the hard strapped city completely blind. He had never been there before and had no preparation or contacts. Stearns