Bill Fagerbakke on Netflix’s Unbelievable: Who is actor that plays Detective Pruitt?

Netflix released one of its most compelling shows of 2019 over the weekend with Unbelievable. One of the show’s narratives involves two detectives who bully a young girl into believing she was not raped by a sick person. One of these detectives is Pruitt, expertly portrayed by Bill Fagerbakke and ever since Netflix viewers have


Christopher McCarthy on Netflix’s Unbelievable: Who is real life rapist Marc O’Leary?

Unbelievable, Netflix’s new eight-episode miniseries, focuses on the crimes of rapist Marc O’Leary — with his name changed to Christopher “Chris” McCarthy on the show. The series premiered on the streaming platform on September 13, 2019, and is based on An Unbelievable Story of Rape, a Pulitzer Prize-winning report in 2015 by T. Christian Miller


Unbelievable on Netflix: What in the Druid is a Kava Kava?

Over the weekend, Netflix viewers were treated to a fresh new take on procedural dramas with Unbelievable. Inspired by a gripping true story, Unbelievable revolves around two storylines involving a serial rapist slowly coming together to form one path of solving who the suspect is over 8 episodes. One involves Marie Adler, a troubled girl