Silicon Valley finale showcases Thomas Middleditch, says goodbye to T.J. Miller

On tonight’s finale of HBO comedy Silicon Valley’s fourth season, the riotous work of Thomas Middleditch as Richard Hendricks really shines. Richard is at his absolute emotional limits with his employees peeling away from him. This episode is the last time we see T.J. Miller’s work on the series as well. On the episode, Server

Who is Silicon Valley star Thomas Middleditch?

Actor Thomas Middleditch is best known for his role as brilliant but socially awkward and heaped-upon Richard Hendricks on HBO’s Silicon Valley. But how did he get to where he is today? Hardcore fans know that it’s been a 15-year long grind for this Canadian actor from obscurity to stardom, with his roots in improv theater. After

Erlich won’t be Bach: Who is the departing T.J. Miller of HBO’s Silicon Valley?

The shock news of the week was announced as HBO comedy Silicon Valley’s resident nihilist incubator Pied Piper Erlich Bachman, played by comic actor T.J. Miller, will be leaving the series after this season. Miller’s bombastic, egocentric and blessedly unaware character is a one-man classic quote machine that steals scenes. This Emmy-nominated series launched in

Who is Martin Starr who plays Bertram Gilfoyle on Silicon Valley?

On tonight’s Silicon Valley episode The Blood Boy, will Bertram Gilfoyle rescue Dinesh from the drudgery of identifying “dick pics”? Bertram Gilfoyle — who professes his love for the dark lord often times in a random “Hail Satan” — is played by actor Martin Starr,. But what else do you recognize him from? Starr, born