The 10 best Satanic movies

Satanic movies are the offshoot of the horror genre most likely to have us looking over our shoulders and wondering about that strange noise upstairs. This is because they deal with the notion of evil as a personified entity that can be summoned and could be anywhere. Movies like The Omen depict evil as the

The best classic horror movies

Although CGI can now make our every nightmare possible, there is nothing better than an old school horror film. Here are some of the best of classic horror movies made between 1922 and 1980. This is not a list for those of a nervous disposition… The Exorcist Arguably one of the greatest horror films ever

Top 10 horror movies from 1960 to 1999

Horror movies aren’t just for Halloween, and while what we find hair-raising is subjective there are some films that are just unquestionably terrifying. Here is our list of the top ten horror movies of all time, listed in alphabetical order. The list includes movies that also cross into the sci-fi and thriller genres — but