The Conners ratings take a hit, fall to season low ahead of fall finale

The Conners ratings started out nicely, once it replaced Roseanne on ABC. The new version of the show continues to follow the Conner family, following the death of the character played by Roseanne Barr. A report from TV by the Numbers revealed what the December 4 episode did for ABC. Going up against The Voice

How did Roseanne die on The Conners?

Roseanne dying on The Conners was a way for the show’s writers to bridge the gap between the Roseanne reboot from spring 2018 and the spin-off, whichbrought back all the supporting characters. On the series premiere of The Conners, it turned out that Roseanne had been dead for a little while. This allowed the writers

The Conners ratings: How is show performing without Roseanne?

When Roseanne was morphed into The Conners without Roseanne Barr at the helm, many critics predicted that the show would not be successful without its star. Now, after a handful of episodes have played out on ABC, it’s time to take a look at the ratings to see if The Conners is struggling or if

How Roseanne died revealed on The Conners premiere

How did Roseanne die on The Conners series premiere? This was a question that many viewers tuned in to find out about on Tuesday night. The Conners episode on Oct. 16 served as the season premiere of the show, which is a spinoff of Roseanne, without the primary character at the helm. Why was Roseanne canceled?

Roseanne spinoff The Conners ordered by ABC, minus Roseanne Barr

A Roseanne spinoff has the green light from ABC. Called The Conners, the new show will star several actors and actresses — but none named Roseanne Barr. ABC Network released a statement indicating that Barr will have no financial or creative involvement in the new series. This comes as no surprise after ABC canceled her

Jim Parsons on Roseanne: Big Bang Theory star weighs in on canceled show

Jim Parsons has said he doesn’t understand why comedian Roseanne Barr posted the racist Tweet that led to her show Roseanne being cancelled. Parsons’ comments came on a Saturday night episode of The Van Jones Show, which aired on CNN. The Big Bang Theory star had a lot to say about the controversy, touching on an


The 10 most shocking TV deaths

The long-running cartoon sitcom Family Guy gained fans over the years for a number of outrageous, envelope-pushing jokes and moments. But it was not until the show’s 12th season that Family Guy pulled off a truly rare stunner: it killed off a main character. Deaths of characters we have come to love over the seasons

Jessi Cruickshank on hosting Season 3 of Canada’s Smartest Person

Few of us can say we were born in an A&W restaurant. But multiple award-winning TV host, comedienne and philanthropist Jessi Cruickshank can. Maybe her unusual entrance gave her zest for showmanship. It’s certainly apparent in CBC’s daytime series The Goods, a light-hearted melange of trends, food, fashion, style and wellness and on her primetime