Project Blue Book Season 2 premiere: The Roswell Incident Part 1 recap

Season 2 of Project Blue Book kicked off with the ever-popular Roswell case, as Captain Quinn (Mike Malarkey) and Dr. Hynek (Aidan Gillen) were called in by General Harding (Neal McDonough) to assist him in New Mexico. Harding was getting anonymous phone calls by people claiming to have evidence of a government cover-up and threats

File History’s Project Blue Book under must-watch

Between mystery men in trenchcoats and fedoras, strange lights moving in the skies, and cigarette-smoke snaking across the screen, you’d think The X-Files were being revived, but HISTORY’s Project Blue Book is sleeker, sexier and crafted better for modern day television. At the center is the story of a family man, looking for recognition, looking

Project Blue Book premiere date: When is the new UFO series on History coming out?

Project Blue Book is just weeks away from airing on the History channel. The new show will be centered around Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and will be based on top-secret investigations done by the United States Air Force several decades ago. History is known for having very unique shows and Project Blue Book will fit