Mayans M.C. Escorpión/Dzec review: Sutter and James follow the premiere exceptionally

The second episode of Mayans M.C. “Escorpión/Dzec” wasted no time getting to the good stuff. Episode 2 continued the many plot points that were established in Perro/Oc, while still leaving room for unexpected character development and surprises. The focus of episode 2 follows the investigation behind the kidnapping of Cristobal Galindo, Emily, and Miguel’s son.

Mayans MC season one episode titles and what they mean

The task of choosing episode titles is not an easy one, and this is made apparent as we look at the 10 episode titles for season one of Mayans MC. Most of the Mayans MC episode titles follow a pattern, made up of two names, one in Spanish and a second divided by a forward