Who plays Major Elders on Stumptown cast? Michael Beach joins show

The Stumptown cast has another very recognizable guest star set to appear on the new episode. The March 18 episode of the show is called “The Dex Files” and it is going to feature a new character named Major Elders. Elders will come across the radar of Dex Parios due to the help of her


Darius Walker on Chicago P.D.: Michael Beach returns on Season 7, Episode 12

Actor Michael Beach guest stars on the January 22 episode of Chicago P.D. The episode will have the character of Darius Walker back on the screen, which means there is going to be some drama again. In the exciting preview for Season 7, Episode 12, NBC showcased Intelligence working on a new case and coming


Darius Walker on Chicago P.D. cast: Who plays Voight’s new informant?

Darius Walker returns to the Chicago P.D. cast for a new episode called “Informant.” Walker was introduced earlier in Season 7, joining the cast of characters during the same episode where Intelligence got a new member. Walker is brought in by Voight as the team seeks help in investigating a dangerous drug that is on


Who plays Darius Walker on Chicago P.D.? Michael Beach returns to NBC

Darius Walker is a new Chicago P.D. character that is going to cause a lot of problems for the Intelligence team. He just appeared in the episode called “Assets” and already showed the type of power he holds within the city. Walker is played by actor Michael Beach, who has been on television for a