Jim Caviezel mocked for ripping off Mel Gibson’s Braveheart in QAnon speech

Actor Jim Caviezel was giving a speech at a QAnon conference in Las Vegas last weekend, but he has been widely mocked for ripping off a speech from the Hollywood movie Braveheart. The 53-year-old Count of Montecristo actor was speaking at the For God & Country: Patriot Double Down when he gave his speech, which

10 best revenge movies of all time

Revenge is a dish best served cold, unless it is served on the big screen — which always goes better with popcorn. We’ve all wanted to get revenge on someone at some point in time, but most of us probably won’t go about it with the same determination and ruthlessness as the characters in the

The richest actors in the world

Here is a list of the top ten richest actors in the world. They are famous in varying degrees — but all have become very wealthy during their careers. Some have been paid huge amounts for individual movies, while many have gone into directing and producing to supplement their incomes. Some have also gone into other


5 Famous Guns from American movies

Movies have been essential to American culture, thus it stands to reason that guns have been portrayed prominently on the silver screen. Since its inception, Hollywood has been keen on telling the story of our country’s evolution. Big screen icons like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood have immortalized the classic firearms that played such a significant role

Machete Kills – Blu-ray Review

Machete is back and doing what he does best – killing the bad guys in a variety of creative ways. Danny Trejo once again nails the character and holds his own against Mel Gibson in supervillain mode. The film doesn’t raise the franchise past its knockoff grindhouse roots, but fans will continue to find plenty