How Mary Poppins Returns created new fantastic realms in the Poppinsverse

In 1964, the special effects of Mary Poppins were groundbreaking. They actually went into a painting and danced with animated characters! In 2018, moviegoers have seen everything. When Mary Poppins Returns, she still has the same magic, but director Rob Marshall took a new approach to it.  “I really love the juxtaposition between the real

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s role in Mary Poppins Returns was the opposite of Hamilton

Once Hamilton took Broadway by stone, the role of Alexander Hamilton became Lin-Manuel Miranda’s trademark. So much so that when he was offered a role in Mary Poppins Returns, he leapt at the chance to play someone different. “When I played Hamilton, there is no childlike wonder in Alexander Hamilton,” Miranda said. “He has a

Mary Poppins Returns movie review: Saving Mr. Banks too

You know, you save Mr. Banks as his children’s nanny, and then the kids just grow up to need saving all over again. Especially Michael, those darn Banks men. Jane Banks (Emily Mortimer) is helping Michael (Ben Whishaw) with his three children John (Nathanael Saleh), Georgie (Joel Dawson) and Anabel (Pixie Davies) since Michael’s wife