Why did Maggie leave The Walking Dead? The return of Lauren Cohan

Maggie Greene is a character on The Walking Dead who joined the show in Season 2. As the primary group of survivors, led by Rick Grimes, tried to find a safe place, they wound up at the farm of Hershel Greene. Hershel was a doctor who ended up being important in his own right, but


When is Maggie coming back to The Walking Dead? Potential spoilers

Fans want to know when Maggie is coming back to The Walking Dead. Played by Lauren Cohan, the character has been a fan-favorite on the show for years. As long-time fans of the show know quite well, Maggie was last seen on the show during the first half of Season 9. She left The Walking


What happened to Maggie on The Walking Dead? Why did Lauren Cohan leave the show?

Maggie Greene was an important character on The Walking Dead. Actress Lauren Cohan took on the role in Season 2 when the main group of survivors came across a farmhouse and used it to gain some safety from the walkers. A number of characters entered the show that season, including Maggie’s sister, Beth (played by

Is Maggie leaving The Walking Dead in Season 9?

So, is Maggie leaving The Walking Dead this season? The question is slightly difficult to address, as there are aspects of  Lauren Cohan’s rumored exit from the AMC hit that could give readers a yes or no answer. Cohan, who plays Maggie Greene on the show, may be done with the character. Over the winter,