Widows movie review: All the single ladies

Steve McQueen’s latest film does not tackle hot button issues like slavery, sex addiction or political prisoners. In Widows he uses the skill and art to give grown-up moviegoers a rousing good time. Harry Rawlings (Liam Neeson)’s last heist goes south leaving his widow Veronica (Viola Davis) holding the bag. Veronica gathers the other widows,

How The Commuter director kept Liam Neeson stuck on a train

Director Jaume Collte-Serra is a master at contained movies. He directed Non-Stop on a plane, The Shallows entirely on a rock in the ocean, and now he’s back with Liam Neeson in The Commuter. It’s not a coincidence that he keeps making movies confined to one location. “Yeah, I love it,” Collet-Serra said. “I particularly

The Commuter director Jaume Collet-Serra on Robocop’s name and the fake train

Liam Neeson reunited with his Unknown, Non-Stop and Run All Night director Jaume Collet-Serra for The Commuter. Neeson plays a man on his last trip home from work after being fired when a mystery woman (Vera Farmiga) tasks him with finding a passenger. Read our review here. The director told Monsters and Critics how he

The Commuter movie review: Taken on the after work express

It’s Taken on the After Work Express as Liam Neeson finds himself embroiled in a mystery on a speeding train. Did you see the one where he was on a plane? The Commuter is totally different. This time he’s on a train. Michael McCauley (Neeson) has a bad day, losing his job selling life insurance,

What’s left out of Mark Felt: The man who brought down the White House

In a 2005 Vanity Fair article, Mark Felt revealed he was the FBI source Woodward and Bernstein dubbed Deep Throat in their Watergate investigation. The new film, Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down The White House, tells his story but it’s still not the whole story. Liam Neeson stars as Felt. At a press

Liam Neeson Is glad Americans are protesting

He has a very particular set of skills, and one of them is apparently encouraging civil discourse. Liam Neeson plays Mark Felt, the FBI source known as Deep Throat in the Watergate investigation, in the movie Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down The White House. Speaking at a press conference in Los Angeles, Neeson