Last Week Tonight: John Oliver blasts Trump for boosting anti-vaccine movement

John Oliver last night took the anti-vaccine movement to task, and hit out at President Donald Trump for spreading concerns over their use. Oliver said vaccinations were “one of humanity’s most incredible accomplishments” and had saved millions of lives with the benefits far-outweighing the “miniscule risks”. He added: “Despite their success, small groups are both

John Oliver slams Donald Trump over ‘lies’ to coal miners

John Oliver has hit out over the coal industry and what he claims is misinformation from Donald Trump being fed to him by shady mining CEOs. The Last Week Tonight host called out the President over job figures, which he branded “bulls***” , and said: “Trump needs to stop lying to coal miners. We all

Last Week Tonight: ‘Stupid Watergate’ and M.C. Escher’s end of the line for Trump

On last night’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver devoted the majority of his show to President Donald Trump’s growing pile of problems. The focus was on how the president may have tried to influence investigations into possible links between his campaign team and Russia. An exasperated Oliver described the developments as “Stupid Watergate”, in reference to Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal

John Oliver blasts gerrymandering and creepy Bill O’Reilly on Last Week Tonight

On last night’s HBO’s Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver saved his main argument for the practice of gerrymandering. He explained the mechanics of how politicians carve up voting districts within states for the most optimal voter results to benefit whichever party draws up the lines. Crazy right? Oliver noted during his presentation that British lawmakers