Vikings interview: Behind the camera with Katheryn Winnick for ‘Valhalla Can Wait’

Last night’s episode of Vikings was an intense return to many storylines, after Lagertha’s death and funeral dominated the previous two episodes, justifiably so. However, Katheryn Winnick had one more farewell note to fans as she got behind the camera for the first time to call the shots and direct last night’s episode. And what


Katheryn Winnick and Michael Hirst interview: Lagertha’s last moments on Vikings

The following is an interview and look back at Lagertha’s  Season 6 arc.   **Warning, spoilers ahead for those not caught up. ** Lagertha Lothbrok’s funeral in last night’s episode of Vikings was the incredible spectacle you hoped for — complete with bloody sacrifices, a blazing boat on a frozen lake, and Bjorn returning in


Exclusive Interview: Katheryn Winnick reflects on playing the iconic Lagertha

The following is an interview and recap of last night’s episode of HISTORY’s Vikings, “Death and the Serpent.” **Beware of major spoilers for the episode if you’re not caught up.** After escaping death on many fronts, including taking the best that Ivar and King Harald could throw at her, the future that the Seer (John


Exclusive Vikings preview: The first appearance of Erik the Red

Wednesday’s episode of HISTORY’s Vikings, called Death and the Serpent, promises to be a big one in more ways than one, as we approach the meaty part of the first half of the final season. The holiday break left fans hanging onto two intense storylines. The first being Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) and her farming village’s


Bjorn struts in as king in this exclusive Vikings Season 6 sneak peek

The first half of the sixth and final season of Vikings has arrived at the shores of your TV week, with a two-hour premiere on the HISTORY Channel. If you’ve been following the show to this point, then you’ll be anticipating the rule of Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) along with the rest of the rabid

Vikings Season 5: Sifting through the corpses of the mid-season finale

Season 5 of Vikings on History reached its midpoint with less bloodshed than we expected. Here TV critics Ernie Estrella and April Neale resume their discussion about this beloved dramatic series created by Michael Hirst and starring Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha, who appears to have numbered days left thanks to the insane, youngest son of


Katheryn Winnick’s top moments as Lagertha on Vikings, a heroine we all need

One of the biggest agents of change for women in acting is Vikings star Katheryn Winnick. While all of Hollywood and beyond are buzzing over deposed studio boss Harvey Weinstein’s alleged serial sexual misconduct, the entertainment landscape has had a sea change where women are grabbing compelling roles and bucking the industry norms of how women