2022 Sundance review: When You Finish Saving the World is the zeitgeist of modern teenhood

When You Finish Saving the World marks a triumphant directorial debut from actor Jesse Eisenberg, best known for starring in Zombieland and The Social Network. The indie drama stars Julianne Moore and Finn Wolfhard as the unlikeable, but well-intentioned, mother-and-son duo Evelyn and Ziggy Katz. While some might find the subjects to be obnoxious and

John Cusack Stars in David Cronenberg’s Hollywood Satire Maps to the Stars

                                                                                                     John Cusack broke out young in phenomenally successful John Hughes projects and has managed to sustain a successful career since, more than 30 years. He’s learned a lot of lessons about Hollywood.   And that’s why he lives in Chicago.  We spoke with Cusack during the Toronto International Film Festival about early fame and movie


Carrie – Blu-ray Review

In this third installment of Stephan King’s novel Carrie, Chloë Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass) gets to play the introverted, pushed-to-the-limit teen. As talented as Moretz is, I couldn’t see her performance as anything more than her playing the role – unlike the 1976 original where Sissy Spacek was Carrie. King’s first novel has been made into