Exclusive interview: John C. McGinley on Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Frank O’Sullivan

The last season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine begins Thursday this week on NBC. The cast of characters in this beloved comedy are joined by John C. McGinley, the acting lion and theater legend who eats scenery and comedically can effortlessly lay to waste any fool caught in his path. McGinley is cast as Frank O’Sullivan. In


Who plays Kelton on Chicago P.D. cast? Former Scrubs actor guest-stars

Brian Kelton guest-starred on the Chicago P.D. cast during the latest episode of the show. Kelton is a Chicago Police Superintendent who has been a thorn in the side of the Intelligence team. Actor John C. McGinley has become a more prominent part of the Chicago P.D. cast because his character is running to become

Brian Kelton on Chicago P.D. cast: John C. McGinley leaves the jokes behind

Chicago P.D. has a new problem on board and this time, it is political. Last night, viewers were introduced to Brian Kelton (John C. McGinley). He is a police superintendent who is running for Mayor. Things aren’t what they seem and when a murder leads to political ties, lines are crossed. The Kelton character was