The Words That Built America looks at the documents written by the Founding Fathers

As Americans celebrate Independence Day, The Words That Built America examines the documents written by the Founding Fathers that helped forge a nation. In many of the great democracies across the world there have been defining many documents that have helped seal in core ideas and ideals. Many of these like Scotland’s 1320 Declaration of

10 of the scariest scenes in non-horror movies

We have all watched a family movie or a fantasy book adaption and thought, ‘how did they get away with that?’ or started choking on our popcorn during the big summer blockbuster because a jump-scare has hit us out of nowhere. Below are 10 unexpectedly scary scenes from non-horror movies. We have also discounted thrillers


What We Are Listening To On Independence Day

National pride, like any personal relationship, is an equipoise of like and dislike, using the words “like” or “dislike” to suffice for the extremes of the two is staid, but logical. We can yammer about what we enjoy or detest about the United States of America till the cows come home. Be you an intransigent