Last Christmas movie review: A Christmas borey

Whenever director Paul Feig chooses a genre, he makes one of the best in the genre. Female raunchy comedy? Bridesmaids. Buddy cop movie? The Heat. James Bond? The masterpiece Spy. ‘80s reboot? The underrated Ghostbusters. Neo-noir thriller? A Simple Favor. The Christmas movie must’ve stumped him. Katrina (Emilia Clarke) grew up in Yugoslavia in the


Who is Henry Golding and what is his movie Last Christmas really about?

You’ve probably heard the name Henry Golding and have seen him on TV or in the movies, but haven’t put the face to the name. That is about to change quickly. Golding is popping up all over the small screen this week promoting his new movie, Last Christmas, but where did this guy come from?

A Simple Favor movie review: Girl’s trick

Paul Feig earned a place on my “Directors I Will Watch Anything They Make” list after Spy. Spy was such a masterpiece, I decided I was on board for anything he ever directs, not that A Simple Favor would have been a hard sell otherwise. Spy was not only the perfect spoof of my beloved