Who is Sara on Happy Together cast? Katherine McNamara guest stars as stalker

Actress Katherine McNamara takes on the role of Sara on the Happy Together cast. In an all-new episode on CBS, McNamara plays a stalker of Cooper. As advertised by CBS, when one of Cooper’s stalkers sneaks inside their house, a plan is put in motion to install a home security system. Can Jake (Damon Wayans, Jr.)

Who is tattoo artist ‘S10cil’ on Happy Together? It’s Steve-O!

Steve-O will guest star on tonight’s episode of Happy Together, playing a tattoo artist named S10cil. In the preview for tonight’s episode, it appears that Jake, played by Damon Wayans, Jr., will get a tattoo from S10cil. Steve-O’s appearance appears to be a single-episode role, but given how it goes, he may return as S10cil in

Ben Simmons, Kendall Jenner’s ex, guest stars as himself on Happy Together

NBA player Ben Simmons guest stars tonight on Happy Together on CBS in the episode called Bland Gestures. It’s uncertain what role Ben will play in the overall storyline, but he will play himself. Cooper, played by Felix Mallard, turns to Jake and Claire, played by Damon Wayans, Jr. and Amber Stevens West respectively, and