Bjorn struts in as king in this exclusive Vikings Season 6 sneak peek

The first half of the sixth and final season of Vikings has arrived at the shores of your TV week, with a two-hour premiere on the HISTORY Channel. If you’ve been following the show to this point, then you’ll be anticipating the rule of Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) along with the rest of the rabid

Floki’s importance to Vikings Season 5 story revealed in stunning new photos

It is no secret that showrunner Michael Hirst has borrowed mightily from history to tell the vivid tale of Ragnar Lothbrok and Lagertha the Shieldmaiden in History’s dramatic hit series Vikings. But a character that figures prominently in this version, Floki, was based on a real-life adventuring Norseman named Flóki Vilgerðarson. In a series of

Vikings Season 4, Episode 11 recap: Ivar the Boneless is the one to watch

SPOILER ALERT! It’s back! Finally, History’s Vikings returns to the smallscreen and we see how things have played out with Ragnar on his little wound-licking sabbatical. This History channel drama has it all, revenge served cold and hot, familial infighting, open sea calamities and warfare, with a healthy dose of unexpected deaths with a semi-historical backdrop