Finding Jesus asks: Did Saint Thomas bring Christianity to India?

This week Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery finishes up the season by examining the story of Saint Thomas and his possible connections with India. Doubting Thomas got his name after refusing to believe that Jesus had appeared to the other apostles following his crucifixtion. Only after Jesus came to him and let Thomas touch his wounds did

Finding Jesus looks at The Tomb of King Herod

This week Finding Jesus examines The Tomb of King Herod and asks how conclusive the proof is that it belonged to the infamous biblical king. The tomb was found by Israeli archeologist Ehud Netzer back in 2007 about 8 miles south of Jerusalem. It was about halfway up the hill to Herodium and inside they found


Finding Jesus asks: Is this the childhood home of Jesus?

This week on Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery, the documentary series examines the house that is thought by some to have been the place where Jesus grew up. In the bible it says that Jesus grew up in ‘a city of Galilee’ called Nazareth. Now Nazareth is a bustling town of over 70,000 people lying in Northern Israel


Finding Jesus Season 2 premiere looks at Pontius Pilate and The Pilate Stone

Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery returns for a second season, as it seeks to shed light on the historical Jesus. In this first episode the team looks at the The Pilate Stone, which has Pontius Pilate’s name carved on it and is one of the few bits of evidence proving he existed. It also examines the uncovering of