Mayans M.C. Uch/Opossum Recap: All’s fair in love and war

Mayans M.C. is turning out to be the hit that everyone expected from FX as we roar into the midseason finale. The Sons of Anarchy spinoff has already received a green light on Season 2 of the Kurt Sutter and Elgin James produced series. With episode 5 increasing the tension and leaving room for much

Mayans M.C. Uch/Opossum Preview: A ‘dangerous favor’ could mean consequences

Directed by Sebastián “Batan” Silva, episode 5 leads us into the midseason of Mayans M.C. which leaves room for many developments to unfold. The danger is high as the Galindo Cartel gets closer to Los Olvidados and viewers are waiting to see how Angel’s dangerous moves will play out. The synopsis for tonight’s episode Uch/Opossum

Mayans M.C. Búho/Muwan preview: The Galindo cartel makes a move on the Los Olvidados

Mayans M.C. returns tonight at 10 pm on FX with episode 3 titled “Búho/Muwan” and the preview combined with the events from last week’s episode leaves much to be hopeful for. Directed by Guy Ferland, the synopsis reads: “The M.C. alliances are tested; the Galindo family adopts unconventional methods.” Here is a breakdown of the Búho/Muwan