Is Ebonee Noel leaving FBI? Fans confused after Kristen disappears from series

Actress Ebonee Noel played Special Agent Kristen Chazal in Seasons 1 and 2 of the crime drama series FBI, which premiered on CBS in September 2018. The speculation that Ebonee Noel was leaving FBI started after the Season 2 midseason finale (Episode 10, titled Ties that Bind) on December 17, 2019, ended with a cliffhanger.


Catherine Haena Kim: Who is the self-proclaimed ‘new Kristen’ on FBI?

Catherine Haena Kim joined the FBI cast for the winter premiere of the show. She was tasked with filling the shoes of actress Ebonée Noel on the episode, as Noel’s character — Agent Kristen Chazal — was clinging to life. During the fall finale, Kristen jumped in to save Maggie Bell from getting stabbed, only


What happened to Agent Kristen Chazal on FBI? Ebonee Noel still on show

The FBI fall finale ended on a pretty big cliffhanger this season. It finished with Agent Kristen Chazal in the hospital and some CBS viewers wondering if Ebonee Noel was leaving the show. There was a lot of foreshadowing in that last episode, with the writers really pushing the narrative that Kristen wasn’t on the


Is Ebonee Noel leaving FBI? Is Kristen Chazal character arc over?

Ebonee Noel plays analyst-turned-agent Kristen Chazal on the FBI cast and the fall finale put the character in a really tense situation. The episode seemed like it was building to something from the first few moments and that is exactly what happened. During an opening sequence, Kristen was shown struggling during an agent training exercise