Death Wish movie review: Hopefully a cautionary tale

When it went into development, I was worried about what Death Wish would be in 2017. The Charles Bronson films came out of a time when people feared the faceless criminal and felt the police couldn’t help them. Today we have mass shootings by disgruntled men and George Zimmerman standing his ground, so a vigilante

Remember Review

  Zev Guttman is a man on a mission, but suffering such severe dementia at an advanced age he can hardly remember what it is. Guided by a written letter, he relies on those around him to refresh his memory. The memories are those of his family killed by the Nazi SS in the death

Interview With Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris About His New Film Remember

Dean Norris shot to fame as Walter’s brother-in-law Hank in Breaking Bad. Now he’s taking the big screen by storm in the hard-hitting new psychological Nazi revenge drama Remember. The movie tells the story of two former Auschwitz survivors in a nursing home, played by legendary actors Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau, who hatch a plot of