Legion recap: David’s changeling parasite takes a bow in Chapter 5

The mid-point of Legion is quickly peeling away the covers as we see how David’s mutant mind clicks. But this week was a psycho ride down a few rabbit holes that culminated in a bizarre group therapy scene with Walter (The Eye) and the gang at Summerland. Cary is able to save Kerry back at


Review: FX’s Legion shines like a crazy diamond, perfectly wrought

SPOILER FREE Bottom line: If the film One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest met TV’s Stranger Things — with cinematic touches that would have equally delighted Stanley Kubrick and Baz Luhrmann — you might begin to describe how Legion looks on paper. But make no mistake, this is an artful take on the comic-book antihero,

Dan Stevens and Maika Monroe in Southern Gothic Thriller The Guest

The Guest is an unusual film because it hits so many notes and defies the single genre stereotype. It’s scary, exhilarating, darkly comic and LOL-worthy. It stars Dan Stevens –Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey – transformed into David, a psychopathic serial killer from Kentucky who tracks down the family of a recently deceased army buddy.