Big shake-up on Bring It! as Tyrus and Coach D swap teams

It’s time for a showdown on Bring It! this week as Coach D and Elite Stars coach Tyrus swap teams for the week — and the Dancing Dolls get all shaken up. The girls get the shock of their lives when they find out Tyrus, not known for his timid ways, is taking over for a few

Dianna ‘Miss D’ Williams vows revenge on Black Ice in Bring It!

The Dancing Dolls girls are going to be competing in Newton, Mississippi, with their competitors including Black Ice. Watch the clip below as Coach D puts her foot down and says the Dolls must come out top this time — whatever it takes. She says: “The last time we saw Black Ice they were really good,

The Dancing Dolls perform powerful slavery routine on Bring It!

On Bring It! tonight, the Dancing Dolls perform one of their most powerful routines yet — based around the theme of slavery. Coach Miss D says the routine was chosen because she wanted to make a “statement”. She added: “It’s going to take us down a timeline from the beginning of slavery to where we

Chaos in the stands on Bring It!

On tonight’s Bring It! coach Dianna Williams tries to get her team on the ball, Rittany gets her back up and there are some crazy antics in the stands. Coach D is determined to get the girls into shape for the upcoming six-way battle, especially after the bad run they’ve had in the freestyle category. Meantime, DPP Dana