Bob Harper on The Biggest Loser: What to know about the trainer turned host

Bob Harper on The Biggest Loser is a longtime reality TV personality and personal trainer. However, Harper has changed over time since he first appeared as a helper trainer with Jillian Michaels on the NBC run of the series. What to know about this trainer turned host? He has walked through the fire of a


Bob Harper to host Biggest Loser reboot

The Biggest Loser aired on NBC in various forms from 2004 through 2016 and many of those years featured fitness guru Bob Harper. Today, you don’t see much of him outside of the occasional Brilinta drug ads. However, both he and the TV series are coming back to the small screen, this time on USA


The Biggest Loser gets a makeover on USA Network

NBC’s former hit show The Biggest Loser is making a comeback with a new look and a new channel. Coming in 2020, the extreme weight loss competition series will arrive on NBC’s sister network, USA and might look very different from the show you’ve seen before. In a recent press release from NBCUniversal, the new