Black Sails exclusive: Hannah New talks as Nassau loses its fiery queen

Black Sails fans are grieving after Hannah New’s character Eleanor Guthrie was mortally wounded by a Spanish soldier in episode XXXIV. New’s fiery performance as the spitfire queen of Nassau was beset by tragedy, trauma, betrayal and a sense of purpose only she understood. We spoke to Hannah after the episode of her character’s demise, where the island was under

Black Sails recap: Woodes Rogers’ Spanish surprise for Nassau in XXXIII

On Black Sails last week, we left with Flint handing himself over to Eleanor in a deal as Silver was adamant it was a bad idea. The damned Urqa gold! Everybody and their mother wants that booty. Flint, as you remember, warmed to Eleanor’s collateral argument as she needs the money and he bought her

Black Sails recap: Eleanor is full of surprises in XXXII

This week’s Black Sails sees the screws deeply twisted into Nassau, with the streets are akin to the Wild West. Last week saw the death of Captain Berringer and Woodes Rogers’ true vindictive nature was also revealed. But this week, Eleanor Guthrie-Rogers is the one who pulls the rug out in a few surprises. In the

Black Sails recap: The resistance rises up in Nassau on XXXI

The expected war between England and the outlaw pirate classes of Nassau has arrived on Black Sails — and in the process it will take many lives on both sides of the divide. The opening scene of last night’s episode sees a rare show of tenderness and emotion from our season’s baddie Berringer who cries

Who is Zethu Dlomo, actress who plays Madi from Black Sails?

Zethu Dlomo’s character Madi has become one of the central characters in Black Sails’ fourth and final season on Starz. But who is Zethu, and what’s her backstory? The 27-year-old was born in South Africa and first made it big when she landed a starring role in South African romantic comedy movie Fanie Fourie’s Lobola