Vikings recap: Two Journeys sets off unknown futures for entire cast

This week’s Vikings, titled Two Journeys, is a poignant and bloody episode that brings some old favorites back into the script — and sets off a mortal face-off between a former and reigning queen who both gave the great Ragnar Lothbrok sons. Lothbrok’s first wife and, from what we see, true love of his life Lagertha


Vikings Yol Season 4, Episode 4 recap and discussion

Spoilers ahead. There are many moving pieces around a still wounded Ragnar as a new king enters Kattegat on the latest episode of Vikings. We begin with the pagan and Christian holidays of Christmas Yule as “Yol” rips the gauze off of whatever civility was left between King Ragnar and Queen Aslaug, and as Bjorn

Vikings: ‘Kill The Queen’ Season 4 Episode 2 recap and discussion

Warning: Spoilers. Vikings is easily one of the best shows on TV at the moment — and here we look back at the most recent episode before discussing in detail what happened. Vikings Season 4 Episode 2 summary This week on Vikings Season 4 Episode 2 saw Bjorn’s (Alexander Ludwig) adventure continuing in the wilderness after last