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XFL Salaries: How much do XFL players earn? Cardale Jones, Josh Johnson among top paid players

Cardale Jones
How much do XFL players earn per season? Pic credit: Chet Channel/YouTube

The XFL has returned. In the first game in over 20 years, the Seattle Dragons are facing off against the DC Defenders. At the time of this report, the two teams are tied at 19-19 in the third quarter of play.

The action on the field is very competitive and the players look impressive. Unlike the first time around, the newly reformed XFL is full of former college and NFL players looking for another shot at the big time.

Now that the league has begun, many fans are wondering how much XFL players earn?

How much do XFL players earn?

Compared to the NFL, XFL players are far from breaking the bank. However, they are still making some nice cash – especially the quarterbacks.

The XFL salary structure may seem a bit biased towards quarterbacks because, well, it is!

According to a Sporting News report, quarterbacks get paid the most on each team while the other players make roughly the same base pay amount.

The XFL average salary is $55,000 per player. Players can earn more with bonuses which include outstanding play and if their team wins the game.

For example, the average salary, based at $55,000, equates out to a bi-weekly check of  $2,080. A victory bonus can come to over $2,000 per player – so there is plenty of inspiration to try and win the game!

There are also bonuses and benefits such as housing, meals and more, that are built into each player’s contract. So overall an XFL player is doing well.

Now, if you are a quarterback, you could earn up to 10-times the amount of the $55,000 base pay.

The Sporting News reports via Yahoo Sports that the top quarterbacks will earn $495,000. Landry Jones, Cardale Jones, and Josh Johnson all fall into that category.

Landry Jones, the former Oklahoma Sooners star who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL was the first player to sign with the XFL last August. At that time it was rumored that he may be making $1 million or more, however, it was later revealed that the top quarterbacks will make the $495,000 salary.

Now, why would QB’s make so much more than other players? One thought process is this – if the XFL can bring in more talent or entice QB’s on the fence of entering the XFL to climb aboard, they know a $495k salary can do so.

It may seem a bit unfair, but just like in the NFL, QB’s and RB’s are usually the highest-paid.

XFL favorites

If the first half of play between Seattle and DC indicates how the 2020 XFL season is going to play out, it should be a great season!

In terms of championship favorites, Las Vegas oddsmakers have the Dallas Renegades as the team to beat. It may be just game one, but Seattle and DC both look like they are going to be impressive.

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