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XFL 2021: League confirms return, expansion plans also in the works

Houston Roughnecks
The XFL has proven it is far from a gimmick league. Pic credit: XFL/YouTube

The XFL 2020 season may have been cut short, but the future of the league is looking bright.

The reboot of the XFL proved to be successful as many players became a household name and quite a few performed so well that the NFL may come calling this fall.

XFL will return in 2021

The XFL has promised they will return in 2021. That’s the good news. Here’s the better news – the league is already looking into not only making the game better but also considering expansion into two additional markets as well.

One year ago fans weren’t sure what the XFL would be like.

Now, after being introduced to players like PJ Walker, Jordan Ta’amu and Josh Johnson, watching teams go for three-point conversion attempts after a touchdown, and the original style of kickoffs following each score, it is safe to say the XFL has staying power.

The fans didn’t disappoint either.

They came out in droves through the first five weeks of action. The TV ratings were also better than expected.

The league that failed after one season back in 2001 is now turning the page and already can’t wait to get things going next season.

Atlanta, Chicago as new city sites?

With things moving in the right direction for the XFL, is it time to expand?

Several cities, including Birmingham, Alabama, and Boston, Massachusetts have made it known that they would love to have a team in their city.

According to one XFL insider, the league may already have their eyes on two major cities for 2021.

It seems Atlanta and Chicago might be the XFL’s top choices for expansion at the moment.

Chicago had a team back in 2001, however, Atlanta did not. They are both major markets and both have a huge football fan base. So these two choices do seem to make sense.

However other cities in smaller markets may be able to draw just as well – if not better.

Cities like Omaha, Nebraska and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma should also get some consideration.

Neither has a pro football team but they have some serious football fans.

The Huskers and Sooners always draw well, and so do the OSU Cowboys, and in cities that are sports deprived at the professional level, the XFL could thrive.

Just something to keep in mind.

No matter where they decide to expand, the good news for XFL fans is that the game looks to be here to stay for a while.

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  1. I tried not to miss a game. I don’t want to see a longer NFL season. There’s enough injuries the way it’s setup, now. The XFL was exciting, fresh, made much more sense than the NFL, in terms of keeping the game moving, and practical safety measures, that enhanced the play. And, stars were able to play longer, with far less injuries. Trying to stay interested in your favorite NFL team, when the quarterback, star receiver, and star running back are all on DL. If there were an XFL team near me, I would be a season ticket holder. I liked it, a lot!

  2. I enjoyed watching the XFL with its unique rules that made the game more entertaining. I do hope they drop the on-field interviews of the player who scores since It takes away from the flow of the game and is a kick in the teeth to the other players who made the score possible. I’ll be watching it next year for sure


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