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Young Bucks say New Japan is the new destination for wrestling, not the WWE

Young Bucks say New Japan is the new destination for wrestling, not the WWE
The Young Bucks have their sights set beyond the WWE — @youngbucks/Twitter

The Young Bucks have proven to be one of the most successful professional wrestling acts in the world without signing a deal with the WWE.

They have tee-shirts on sale in Hot Topic, wrestle all over the world based on a schedule they create, and just held an independent wrestling show in Chicago called All In that sold out and ended up being one of the best shows of the year.

Matt and Nick Jackson spoke in a recent interview about the new world of professional wrestling – one that doesn’t need the WWE to survive.

According to Matt, the new destination for professional wrestlers wanting to prove themselves is no longer the WWE – but New Japan Professional Wrestling (NJPW).

“New Japan is the destination now,” Matt said. “Everybody wants to come here because NJPW has the best wrestlers.”

Nick agreed, talking about how big New Japan is as a company. He even said that there are many stars in the WWE who have said they want to compete in New Japan because they know that NJPW is where all the best wrestling is right now.

New Japan also has started to make their mark in the United States, with shows recently in California. NJPW also teamed with Ring of Honor to sell out a show at Madison Square Garden the same night that NXT TakeOver takes place right down the road in Brooklyn on WWE WrestleMania weekend.

“When we first heard that they are going to run some shows in the US, we were very excited, we were blown away because we felt that was the next step for New Japan to become a global company,” Nick said. “I feel like that it’s been a huge part of the growth New Japan, because of America, such a big fanbase for this type of wrestling.”

The Young Bucks have been working with New Japan for around five years now and in that time the company went from being the biggest in Japan – and second biggest in the world – to become more global, even getting a TV deal with AXS TV in the United States.

Matt added that pro wrestling is in its “healthiest stage right now.” He said the entire business is booming – which was proven by the success of All In – and according to the brothers, the best in the world right now is in New Japan Pro Wrestling.