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WWE’s Mike Kanellis asks for release, his wife Maria responds on Twitter

WWE's Mike Kanellis asks for release, his wife Maria responds on Twitter
Mike Kanellis has asked WWE to release him and Maria responded. Pic credit: WWE

Mike Bennett, who wrestles in WWE under his wife’s surname as Mike Kanellis, has asked for his release from his contract.

His reason is simple. He wants to wrestle and doesn’t want to sit at home and just collect a check.

In a Twitter post, he left a long message for his fans and explained his reasoning.

According to Mike Kanellis, he is 34 years old and in the prime of his career. He said that he spent the last four years addicted to drugs and wasn’t able to achieve his career goals.

Now that he has cleaned up and gotten sober, he wants to do what he loves to do — wrestle. However, WWE is not using him.

Kanellis said that he doesn’t like his young daughter seeing him come home angry, sad, and defeated. He also doesn’t want to set an example for her that someone can sit around and collect a paycheck for not doing anything.

The only times that Mike and Maria Kanellis have been on TV the last few months has been embarrassing for the former Ring of Honor tag team champion. He has been in a humiliating storyline.

Maria is pregnant with their second child in real life and the storylines WWE has written for them has Maria humiliating him, claiming he can’t be the father because he is a loser, and calling out different superstars, claiming they are the father.

It resulted in Kanellis trying to fight for his honor and typically losing in a matter of seconds to everyone he faced. Maria even forced him to lay down for her so she could pin him and win the 24/7 title he actually was able to win.

This came after Mike and Maria Kanellis signed new deals to remain with WWE in June. That doesn’t seem to be a good reward for their loyalty to WWE.

Showing her true loyalty to her husband and ignoring their recent WWE storyline, Maria took to Twitter and said she supported him.

Maria also took to Instagram to answer fans’ questions about Mike Kanellis asking for his release and what it means for her.

WWE granted the release of superstars in the past, like Hideo Itami, but have refused them since AEW opened for business, forcing Luke Harper to not only remain under contract but adding months to it to make up for time missed due to injuries he suffered in WWE.

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