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WWE update on Arn Anderson being fired indicates he was unaware of the incident that led to his termination

WWE update on Arn Anderson being fired indicates he was unaware of the incident that led to his termination
Arn Anderson and the Four Horsemen. Pic credit: WWE

When WWE fired Arn Anderson from his position as a backstage agent and producer, it came as a shock as he had been the company for almost 20 years.

However, the word was that he was on shaky ground because he was always disagreeing with Vince McMahon on many different items.

The word that came down was that WWE fired Anderson for allowing female superstar Alicia Fox to wrestle while intoxicated at a live house show.

However, the story is deeper than that.

Arn Anderson and his WWE termination

Dave Meltzer talked about the Arn Anderson situation on Wrestling Observer Radio and said that the former member of the Four Horsemen had no idea that Alicia Fox was intoxicated when he sent her out for her match that night.

Many wrestlers backstage sided with Arn Anderson after the incident and said that he did nothing wrong. Despite this, McMahon reportedly blew up at Anderson and it was the “final straw.”

However, recently more talent has said that Alicia Fox was acting like she always acts backstage and there was no outward indication that she was impaired before her match. The wrestlers said there is no way that Anderson could have of known she was intoxicated.

The fact that Anderson was reportedly already on “thin ice” meant that McMahon could use this as an excuse to finally fire him.

What is next for Arn Anderson

If Arn Anderson really didn’t know that Alicia Fox was intoxicated and has enough people behind him, he could possibly return to WWE one day.

The word backstage is that if John Cena was around, he would have stood up for Anderson and the firing would never have happened.

Plus, Anderson is not talking trash about WWE.

“I was fortunate enough to work with WWE for 18 years,” Anderson told Sports Illustrated. “Certainly that provided my family and myself with a nice living, and I have no regrets. A lot of my best friends still work there. Everything has a shelf life, and I guess mine ran out.”

There is always the chance he could show up in AEW wrestling as well and work as a producer there. He had a long relationship with Cody Rhodes’ dad, Dusty Rhodes, and Cody has expressed his admiration of Arn Anderson, especially after his termination.

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