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WWE tone deafness: The ballad of Charlotte vs Becky Lynch

WWE Stars Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair
From best friends to bitter enemies, WWE is trying to make us believe Charlotte rather than Becky is the one done wrong — but fans know it’s the other way around. Pic credit: WWE

WWE has now, and forever will have, one main problem that they will never escape. They seem unable to give fans what they truly want.

This is not so much a problem for shows like WWE NXT, but when it comes to the main roster shows…they lack the actual ability to progress.

Fans wonder if WWE is always about the fans, why is it that they seem allergic to giving people the things they want to see.

This is likely going to change as Vince McMahon (the current WWE Chairman and CEO, as well as majority owner) exits the company creatively. However, as long as he’s around in some capacity it might not happen.

We would like things to change creatively in WWE. At times, it seems that the company does not listen to fans at all.

So what do they have wrong now and how can they fix it going forward? Likely one of the biggest crimes has to be the recent storyline with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.

What is WWE’s issue with Becky Lynch?

Becky Lynch promo on WWE SmackDown Live
Becky speaks on why she attacked Charlotte at SummerSlam and makes good points when doing so. Pic credit: WWE

When Becky Lynch took the fall to Charlotte Flair at WWE SummerSlam a few weeks back, it completely threw fans.

Most of us were wondering how in the world could WWE go this direction?

Charlotte is now a seven-time WWE Women’s Champion. Technically, she’s an eight-time champ if you include her WWE NXT Women’s Championship from years ago. Depending on which you count, she has either tied or passed Trish Stratus for the most of all-time.

She was the WWE SmackDown Live Women’s Champion dating back to November. She beat Asuka at WrestleMania 34 only to lose her title to Carmella when she cashed in Money in the Bank.

Becky, on the other hand, has not had as much as one match for a title in over a year. Her last singles match for the title was nearly two years ago!

Yet she was the very first female picked by the SmackDown Live crew in the WWE Draft back in 2016.

She did hold the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship, but she was clearly pushed out of the title hunt by the company in a major way. The question is, why? It’s not like she did not deserve an opportunity.

WWE’s love for Charlotte Flair is apparent, but is it too much?

Charlotte & WWE Women's Titles
Charlotte Flair is the only woman in WWE history with a RAW, SmackDown Live, NXT, and Diva’s Championship reign. Pic credit: WWE

It’s not wrong to believe that Charlotte Flair deserves an opportunity at championship gold. She is tremendous in the ring and is pretty good on the microphone too.

The rub? She is getting title opportunities consistently, yet people like Lynch have to take a step back. Why? It’s not as if Lynch is a lesser than to Flair, as she has proven she is just as good if not better than The Queen of WWE.

There is some talk of Charlotte main-eventing WrestleMania one day, and having the title record that no one could touch. She is the top girl in WWE without a doubt. However, does that mean she truly needs to get the spotlight at the risk of hurting others? To top it off, WWE has proven it does not know what fans want when they have seen the results of their storyline involving these two.

Every week since WWE SummerSlam, when Becky has attacked Charlotte she has been cheered like crazy. The WWE should ask themselves why this happened.

One would expect Brooklyn, New York to love any heel turn. They’re the kind of town that enjoys stuff like this. The cheering, which nobody really expected, was nice to see. However, the storyline makes no sense when you think about it.

The storyline WWE has made is so illogical it is sickening

The clear idea for WWE was that they were going to have Flair walk right into SummerSlam to take the title back after being in the title picture for years.

However, they did not consider how much fans wanted to see Becky as the champ. When Lynch won her match and managed to qualify for her first one-on-one match for any title in the better part of two years, fans rejoiced. Yet only a week later, Flair returns and makes it a triple threat instead.

Then, when all was over, Becky had Carmella finished in the center of the ring where she was about to make her tap from the Dis-Arm-Her. Flair comes in, slamming Becky’s head to the mat to defeat her.

Clearly, anyone can be angry about this result, especially Lynch. Who wouldn’t be, right? Yet we are supposed to believe in this storyline that Flair is the good girl and Lynch is the bad girl.

As fans, we are led to believe Becky is in the wrong here and she is going too far each week. Charlotte meanwhile, according to the story arc, is the victim in all of this.

Yet fans completely get where Becky is coming from. It was not just Brooklyn that would cheer for her or chant her name the entire event.

Oh no, it has been everywhere WWE has gone since. The company has basically created what amounts to a female version of Daniel Bryan from 2013-2014. That was a period in time where WWE fans wanted more for Bryan and the company kept having him lose on the regular. Sound familiar?

If Becky Lynch is the female Daniel Bryan, this could be huge for her

WWE Superstar Becky Lynch
WWE has quite literally been holding Becky Lynch back far too long. Pic credit: WWE

It is quite true that WWE did end up making Bryan a star by teasing fans with more and more, only to take it away. This is known as making a character a “chaser.”

It is the idea of using someone as a guy or girl that can always be in the title picture but rarely wins or holds on to the title for extended periods. Lynch certainly fits this role very well.

Charlotte, on the other hand, comes off as WWE’s version of “the champion”. This is a person who always has championship gold, usually as a result of lengthy title reigns.

Bryan was a heel at the time his career was being run like this, until such a point that the company realized they could no longer make him one. When you’re over, you’re over. There is no way to escape it. Lynch really can do no wrong in the eyes of the fans. She just has to show up, really. There is now a plan to do a double-turn with Charlotte and Becky likely by WWE Evolution.

However, that will take time to reach and likely could result in a title change or two. We could also end up seeing these two go at it for the remainder of 2018.

Compare this to Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Flair for the WWE RAW Women’s Title in 2016. It padded up their title reigns, but it also gave us some very good performances.

Hopefully, WWE will give Becky more than just a random month-long reign three times this year and pretend it’ll be enough for fans. As it surely won’t be.

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